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MADesigns Hair – The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

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Maddox DuPont, owner of kMADd Enterprise and MADesigns, has been working hard on, what many say is, “SL’s best hair.” Personally, it is the best hair in SL and I would like to thank and congratulate Mr. DuPont for all of his hard work and time spent on the hair. Even though there are more than 20 styles, Maddox is still releasing more and more hair! For those who have not yet bought their Valentines a gift, drop by kMADd Enterprise. Their hair is on the 5th Floor. You can find eyes and shapes for men and women on floors 1-5.

MADesigns Garrett

MADesigns Ford

MADesigns Eric

MADesigns Alex

MADesigns Akami

Thanks again Maddox for all your hard work and dedication!


Ivy Spore

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February 14, 2009 at 4:00 am

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Valentine’s Day – Love is in the Air!

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For Valentine’s Day, I want to give a shout out to my friends at a.C Store, CheerNo Destiny and Aristoteles Allen. These 2 people are not only the nicest people I know in SL, but the most stylish. CheerNo, keep those outfits coming! Aris, keep putting the pressure on CheerNo! Here is my special thanks to them, a 3-outfit Valentine’s Day special! I hope everyone enjoys this special fashion review and has a wonderful, fantastic, and romantic Valentine’s Day!



Winter Kid Pink

Winter Kid Pink


Winter Kid in Pink


Skin <TheAbyss> Scorpio Origin 1A

Hair Uw.St Happy Valentine Limited

Eyes MADesigns – Blue – Mesmerising Eyes



Jacket a.C Winter Kid Pink Jacket

Shirt a.C Winter Kid Pink Undershirt

Jeans a.C Winter Kid Pink Jeans

Shoes AKEYO Shoe Cora

Belt a.C Winter Kid Pink Belt

Bag a.C Winter Kid Pink Bag

Glasses Kalnins Glasses – Aurax







Skin <TheAbyss> Scorpio Origin 1A

Hair Uw.St Happy Valentine Limited

Eyes MADesigns – Blue – Mesmerising Eyes



Top a.C Summerama Jacket

Shorts a.C Summerama Jean Shorts

Boots Kalnins Boots – Atlantica

Belt a.C Summerama Belt

Glasses a.C Summerama Glasses







Skin <TheAbyss> Scorpio Origin 1A

Hair Uw.St Happy Valentine Limited

Eyes MADesigns – Blue – Mesmerising Eyes


Top a.C Musical Jacket

Shorts a.C Musical Pants

Boots AOHARU Walk NylonLeatherBoots Mix007

Belt a.C Musical Belt

Headphones a.C Musical HeadPhone

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February 14, 2009 at 2:47 am

Mix and Match!

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Mix and Match

Before Valentine’s Day arrives, I want to prove that it is not against the laws of fashion to “mix and match” clothing and accessories from different designers.

machang Pichot’s AOHARU, as always, provides top quality fashion for both men and women. I went to take a look to see if she had anything new and boy did she! I give this stylish coat an A+!

Menno Ophelia’s { Kari } is rising above expectations with its amazing fashion. This t-shirt is so great, it looks good with or without the jacket!

Ajay Giano’s Zoobong has been a favorite of mine for a long time. These jeans are perfect for a casual or formal look. They also come in other colors, so be sure to check them out! ***Keep Posted For New Releases From Zoobong***

Din Raymaker’s Uncleweb Store is a preferred hair shop throughout Second Life. Recently their mainstore was taken away, so they set up a small shop at LE.LOOK! Unfortunately, it only has some of the great hair that Mr. Raymaker creates, but I managed to get a very special hair out of him – Loran. It is a very clean-cut, wavy hair that has not been released yet. Keep checking at LE.LOOK! or join the Uncleweb group to receive news on the progress of the new mainstore and new hair!

Maruko Sakigake’s -Weird Monkey Designs- has been a big hit lately. He has a whole collection of beautiful jeans and t-shirts, along with detailed jackets that are irresistible. One thing that a lot of shoppers do not know about are his hidden talent of shoe-making. These grungy boots can add a dirty flare to the overall look of your style!

Muism’s Crinkle Scarf is perfect for those chilly winter days as well as those cool summer nights that you want to look good on!

FNKY! has one of the best cigarettes in Second Life. Go to FNKY! and buy a cigarette to kill yourself in style!



Skin TheZoo – Bohdan – REGULAR G2

Hair Uw.St Loran – Hair Brown

Eyes MADesigns – Blue – Honest Eyes



Coat AOHARU BT ModsCoat Gray

T-Shirt { Kari } – Roborock T – Boombox

Jeans !ZB Zoo Jeans [Blue4]

Boots -WMD- Aussie Grungy Boots

Scarf *Muism* Crinkle Scarf Black

Cigarette FNKY! Cigarette II

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February 11, 2009 at 3:08 am

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Hot Shot in Pink!

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Hot Shot in Pink


I want to thank every designer that has given me the opportunity to showcase their wonderful products on my blog. If it wasn’t for your creations, this blog would not exist.

To start off the first of many fashion reviews, I chose a very abnormal and sexy outfit. Of course, I absolutely adore pink, especially on pale skins.

CheerNo Destiny’s a.C Store provided the most beautiful neck band and underwear along with an amazing skin! 

Check out the gorgeous checkered suspenders from Takuma Setsuko’s .:Addict:.! They really give this outfit a trendy look!

MADesigns’s hair line has definitely been a success. Akami, an upcoming release, is perfect for an intimate look!

Monogrind, as always, has been a favorite of mine. I just so happened to stop by there the other day and walked out with these beautiful black prim glasses!



Skin GloX – Venus MALESkin.VirgiNT

Hair .::MADesigns::. Hair – Akami Black

Eyes .:Addict:. Starlight Anthem


Suspenders .:Addict:. Checkered Suspenders

Neck a.C Colorise Band A1Pink

Underwear a.C Underwear Sexy Pink

Glasses ]monogrind[ Black Prim Glasses

Written by iwearivyspore

February 9, 2009 at 10:26 pm

Welcome to iWear!

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Thank you for visiting iWear!

Here, you will find weekly fashion reviews, fashion news, fashion events, and new releases from top fashion designers.

Be sure to check back often!


Ivy Spore – iWear Owner

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February 9, 2009 at 2:20 am

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